The Earlham Housing Rehabilitation program administered by the Southern Iowa Council of Governments (SICOG) has moved one step closer to being able to rehabilitate five homes in Earlham occupied by low-to-moderate income homeowners.  Twelve applications from homeowners who live within the target area for the program were submitted by the January 15 deadline.   The City Council approved a list of six applicants who SICOG staff determined were income eligible for the program.  Eligibility is determined by number of persons in the household and household income.  Income must be less than 80% of Median Family Income for that household size to be eligible.


The homeowners ranked in the top five will be contacted in the coming weeks to arrange a home inspection to determine what areas of their home need to be improved to meet Iowa Rehabilitation Standards.  This will assist in determining the feasibility of rehabbing each of these homes.  If the program is unable to bring all deficiencies in a home up to Iowa Rehabilitation Standards, then it will be determined that it is not feasible to rehab that particular home.  Should any of the homes ranked in the top five be deemed infeasible to rehabilitate, then the sixth home on the list will be inspected to determine if it is feasible for the program to rehab that home.  


Funding available to rehabilitate each of these homes is expected to be approximately $28,000, with additional funding available to address lead pain within the home.   Rehabilitation activities traditionally include such things as replacing windows and doors, adding insulation, upgrading electrical to meet the new higher standards, roofing, siding, installing energy efficient furnaces and water heaters, addressing lead paint, and other needed improvements (typically in bathrooms and kitchens).   


Construction work on these homes is planned for spring and summer of this year.   Licensed and insured building contractors interested in bidding on these homes should contact Southern Iowa Council of Governments at 641-782-8491 to learn more about the qualifications required to bid on these projects.