When moving into a new area, people often have questions regarding available utilities and services. Here is a list to help with your move to Earlham.


CenturyLink - www.centurylink.com - 1 877-720-3428

CenturyLink is a local provider within the Earlham city limits offering phone and internet services.


MediaCom - www.mediacomcc.com/home.html - 1 800-479-2082

MediaCom provides cable, internet, and phone service within the city of Earlham.


Mid-American Energy - www.midamericanenergy.com - 1 888-427-5632

Mid-American is the provider of electricity and gas for the Earlham area.


City Hall - 1 515-758-2281

The city is your provider for water, sewer and trash pick-up.