Planning & Zoning – 2010-05-05 7:00 PM

In attendance: Bill Harger, Kendall Crouch, Doug Miner, Steve Willem, Shannon Flickenger

Guest: Chris Pedersen, Adam Gordon, Gary Speeling, Andrew Arnburg, Jeff Lillie, Larry Gilbert, Jeff Parker


Meeting called to order.


Approve agenda


Discuss rezoning on 3rd:

Letters were received from Larry Gilbert and Rita Disbrow

Open to the public:

Jeff Lillie – Has a question about a public signing. The committee has not made any decisions on the rezoning. Lillie is opposed to the rezoning.

Larry  Gilbert – Discussed the rezoning. He is opposed.

Sandy Speeling has heard from Hess. He is opposed.

Steve – Doug, what are the responses that you are getting from the neighbors. Doug has 2 list. One with the neighbors that approve and one of those opposed.

Jeff Parker commented that he is undecided

Lillie would like to see a complete list of home owners with their opinions.

Larry Gilbert – No spot zoning. “All or nothing”. This could devalue the neighboring properties if it goes through. Would like to see property values protected.

Lillie – The next businesses could be worse than the first proposed one.

Failed business would be an eye sore.

Larry Gilbert – safety issues? Extra Traffic?

Steve Willem – It’s currently residential. Doesn’t feel comfortable with a business there. Wouldn’t agree with it if there were any against the zoning.

Bill Harger – Agrees with Steve.

Steve – Keep spot zoning out of the process.

Shannon – Wanted to see signatures on the lists that Doug had collected. There were neighbors for and against.

Steve makes a motion that the rezoning be denied.

Bill seconds the motion.

Vote: Steve yes. Shannon yes. Bill yes. Kendall yes. Doug abstains.


Arnburg Estates:

Andrew Arnburg, Chris Pedersen, Gary Coffman, & Adam Gordon discuss with the committee the plat.

Gary, Adam, and Adrew discuss water, fire, and sewer placements.

Most lots can have septic. All are close enough to pump their own to the city sewer.

Chris and Gary discuss sewer requirements.

Doug – what about the 50 lots plat that was originally presented.

Arnburg – Wants to sell executive lots.

Flood plane – Need to determine the 100 year flood plane.

Close to discussion


Discussion about water to the properties by the committee.


Shannon Flickenger moves that we approve the preliminary plat for Arnburg estates contingent on Snyder’s recommendations.

Bill Harger Seconds the motion.

Bill Harger, Doug Miner, Shannon Flickenger, & Kendall Crouch vote yes for the motion. Steve Willem abstains.


Committee opens to the floor for any new items.

David Hollander would like to see code changes to prevent septic tanks on properties that could leach into fresh water supplies.


Doug recommends that the meeting adjourn. Steve seconds. All in favor.