Chris Swalla, John Christenson, Sandy Speeling, Bill Harger, and Kendall Crouch in attendance.

Sandy motions to approve the agenda. John seconds the motion.

Agenda is read out loud for the benefit of the audience.

Item #1: Comp Plan changes.

Floor is opened to discussion.

Chris Pearson explains Farmers Coop (FC) request for changes. He is asked to talk about traffic flow. He is asked about helping with the dust in the area. Chris explains that FC will be in discussion with the city council to care for this. FC has been willing in the past to purchase property next to bins. The desire is to stay in town to be near the railroad. Questions regarding other locations for future bins. Mayor discusses the possible tax abatement.

Floor is closed to discussion.

Chris Swalla makes a motion to recommend to the city council that the comp plan be changed from residential/commercial to industrial to all of Block 16 with the stipulation that FC be able to compensate the neighboring property owners, control dust, and help with improvements to the city street in this area. Bill seconds the motion. Vote 4 for 1 opposed.

Item #2: Sanitary Sewer.

Bill makes a motion to recommend that the city ordinance, Chapter 95.05, be changed to not allow septic sewers within the city limits. John seconds the motion.
Vote 5 for 0 opposed.