Earlham Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meeting called to order by commission chair Chris Swalla at 6:00 PM. Commission members Chris Swalla, Shannon Flickinger, Jeff Luke, Sandy Speedling, and John Christensen answered the roll. Bill Harger arrived at 6:03 PM. Andrew Collins of SICOG, Doyle Scott of Madison County Development Group, City Clerk Linette Crouch, Public Works Supervisor Gary Coffman, Council Member Heather Stancil and President of Monarch Cement of Iowa, Jerry Green were also present. City Attorney Sam Braland and Council Member Mike Golightly arrived around 7:00 PM.

The agenda was approved by unanimous vote. The minutes of the May 30, 2012 meeting were approved by unanimous vote. Shannon Flickinger volunteered to be the committee vice-chair and Bill Harger volunteered to be secretary.

Chris briefed the committee on the information he received regarding rail spurs.
•    The spur length is determined by the number of cars you want to accomidate (50 to 60 feet per car plus 200 feet of access)
•    The less grade you have to adjust for the better
•    In Stuart, the developer and the client shared the cost the spur line
•    Rail access is one thing that makes Earlham different from other communities
•    Not feasible to put in a spur line before you have a committed customer

The committee discussed how to obtain commercial/industrial property
•    Ask Winterset City Manager to attend a P&Z meeting and give his experiences on annexation
•    Gary talked to Madison County sanitarian about septic not serviced by city
•    Gary also researched the County maintaining the roads. They would bill the city for labor and supplies used. Unable to determine an actual cost in advance.
•    Andrew cautioned against annexing land that you can’t afford to provide services for
•    The land near Casey’s was discussed as a possible area for a business park
•    Jerry Green indicated that Monarch Cement has plans to develop their land with condos and lakes after they finish quarrying in 7 to 10 years
•    Monarch is not interested in a voluntary annexation
•    Mike expressed his desire for commercial and industrially zoned property
•    Voluntary vs involuntary annexation was discussed

The committee identified several areas for commercial and industrial zoned property on the map. Sandy made a motion to send the map with recommendations to the council. Motion was seconded and all voted aye.

At 7:58 PM Chris adjourned the meeting.

Chris Swalla, P&Z Commission Chair