Park & Recreation Committee Meeting Agenda

Date: Monday, December 13, 2010                                                          Time:  5:30 PM

Place: Earlham City Hall, Council Chamber

Roll Call

2009-10 Project Planning
·         City Park
·         Recreation Park

      Sand Volleyball $2,500 Grant. Mike Golightly and Gary Coffman will determine if Mike can get his trucks between the Little League fence and house fences based on the contour of the land. This will impact where the court is placed.
·         Gendler Park

      Solar Light – our expenses for mowing are below budget so we may be able to put these in.

Status of 28E agreement with Earlham Community School for Rec Park

2011-12 Budget- Item requested by P&R
·         City Park – nothing (Gary requested $2500 to repair the shelter roof and $500 for a new grill)
·         Rec Park
                  $450 Rec Specialist
                  $550 Mileage reimbursemen
                  $2000 Part-time concession stand wages
                  $250 Advertising
                  $8000 Concession stand merchandise
                  $1650 Minor equipment
                  $1420 Other supplies
                  $2300 Foul poles, 2 sets
·         Gendler Park
      $3500 Solar light if we don’t get it done by 6/30/2011

Committee Member Openings
·         Unclassified – Any ideas?

Election for 2011

Open topics