Park & Recreation Committee

Meeting Agenda

Date: Monday, June 6th                                                         

Time:  5:30 PM

Place: Earlham Rec Park – Shelter House

Roll Call

Review April 4th Minutes

Review Park and Rec. Monthly Financial Report (via City Clerk)

Tour of Recreation Park

Concerns raised by Committee Members
·         Ball Fields – Drug / Weeds Sprayed
·         Fields – Mowing
·         Picnic Benches
·         Bathroom Supplies
·         Table
·         Gate Entrance for F2 – Girls Primary
·         Baby Swing

Old Business

2010-11 Projects
·         City Park
o    None
·         Recreation Park
o    Sand Volleyball Pit
·         Gendler Park
o    Solar Light

New Business

2011-12 Projects
·         City Park
o    Shelter House Roof / Grill /
·         Rec. Park
o    Foul Poles
·         Gendler Park
o    None

Discuss Rec Park Committee Goals/Objectives
·         Review existing materials (28E, City Ordinance, City website)
·         What is the committee’s focus?

Comments for the good of the Group


Next Meeting: Monday, August 1st – 5:30 – City Park Shelter